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The dog days of August start tomorrow so I thought I might as well start my long planned idea of linking my blog, my website and even my Facebook Maphouse page all together.  After turning sixty, one tends to develop a different view of reality.. and the concept of Social Media for someone who didn’t even have a black and white TV at home until he was 6 , is a sort of reality that is only just within my grasp.

my website is

my maps Facebook page is

And following on from last years tour around China to let everyone know that from the 20th of August I am on a 6 week tour with my camera,  around Turkey.

So I thought I would start by offering a world map at an amazing price..£1750,

World Map by Hondius / Mariette  'Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica..'

World Map by Hondius / Mariette ‘Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica..’

Very Rare World Map.
Full title : Nova totius terrarum orbis geographica ac hydpographica tabula auct: Jud. Hondio.
by MARIETTE (Pierre);HONDIUS (Jodocus)
The map is based on Hondius”s 1617 world map.
The map depicts the discovery of the Le Maire Strait at the tip of South America. In North America, the St. Lawrence River runs nearly the entire width of the continent, terminating in a large lake not far from the infamous Civolo 7 citta (7 cities of Cibola). Hudson Bay is depicted after the work of Gerritsz. In Asia, Korea is shown as an island, the northern coast of New Guinea is more properly located and there is a large Terre Australle Incognue with Boach named in the region of the Australian continent. The surrounding engravings include a pair of celestial charts, circular diagrams containing the compass points, the names of the winds, the climatic zones, the heavenly orbits and a thirty-year calendar. The map is richly adorned with a variety of decorations including three cartouches, each with figures, numerous sailing ships, sea monsters, flying fish and a depiction of Neptune. This is the first state with Mariette’s imprint.
The map has been archivally backed. Excellent hand colour. Overall very good condition.
Shirley, 358.



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2 Responses to Antique Maps

  1. Dee MacDonald says:

    I finally got a smart phone! Why didn’t you and Laurence say how good they are ………………………? xx



  2. mickjennings says:

    We Did Love Mick & Laurence


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