Christmas Newsletter 2019..New Maps

First I wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a serene 2020.

If you are stuck for an interesting Christmas present I have added many interesting and affordable maps to my website that can be sent in time for Christmas. AND genuine old Antique Maps are Christmas présents that don’t destroy the planet, no trees are chopped down.

There is plenty of time to send maps anywhere in the World and last dates are approximately 16th December for outside Europe and 19th in Europe.

Below a few of the new additions from the thousands of maps and decorative prints that can be found on my website

I have updated my decorative prints and here are a few beautiful decorative items

Below a few of the new additions from the thousands of maps that can be found on my website












Please email me if you are looking for any map in particular I have many yet to be put on website or be able to find it for you.

For anybody visiting the French Riviera this winter please contact me and I can pick you up from Antibes Cannes etc, and you can join me for tea and peruse the entire stock of maps & prints.

For those who follow my travel blog I have been to the Andes and the Amazon and back to the Highlands of Vietnam and Laos, but I am rather behind on sorting the photographs For new readers of my newsletter my travel blog is here

Best wishes
Michael Jennings Antique Maps And Prints
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Biot 06410 FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0) 4936 57252 +33 (0) 4936 57252 FREE
Mobile:+33 (0)610 753 988 +33 (0)610 753 988 FREE

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and at facebook here

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Antique mapdealer , Photographer
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