First I hope everyone has a Happy Christmas and a Great 2015.

If you are stuck for an interesting christmas present I have added many interesting and affordable maps to my website that can be sent in time for Christmas, and again this year I am offering to send directly to the recipient from you with a charity Christmas card. I have a large selection of genuine antique maps from £40.

Good friend Tim Bryars, one of the organisers of the excellent London Map Fair with Tom Harper from the British Library , have published ‘A History of the 20th Century in 100 Maps’. With this fascinating book they have not only carved out a whole new area of both study and collecting, but have produced a book covering twentieth century maps from First World War propaganda maps, World tax havens, the partition in India to an Alicante holiday map. The book and other books on antique maps can be bought from here.


Surrey by Saxton/ William Hole £295

Great Plan of Amsterdam Merian £265

World by Herman Moll £195
North America by Porcacchi £725

A selection of new additions to the website see all at
If you would like a clickable email please contact me at , otherwise go to website search and paste in the m**** reference number..

BARCELONA Isaac Basire 1742 London m2465 .. £250.00
LONDON Phillips R 1802 London m2580 .. £285.00
CYPRUS Abraham Ortelius 1595c antwerp m2864 .. £285.00
SWITZERLAND HELVETIA Gerard Mercator 1595 /+ Amsterdam m2950 .. ..£275.00
SCOTLAND REGNUM SCOTIAE Homann J.B et Heirs 1715 Nuremburg m3014 ..£335.00
BALTIC SEA John Tallis 1851 London .. m3018… £95.00
CONSTANTINOPLE ISTANBUL PORCACCHI Tomaso 1590 Venice.m3058… £225.00
RUSSIA ST PETERSBURG Jacques-Nicolas Bellin 1764 Paris m3072..£165.00
PARIS DECORATIVE PLAN ANON 1908 Paris ..m3074.. £175.00
CORSICA Bordone Benedetto Bordone 1525 / Venice..m3075.. £325.00
ITALY L’ITALIE COVENS & MORTIER 1730c Amsterdam ..m3081..£120.00
STOCKHOLM Homann J.B et Heirs 1720 Nuremberg ..m3086…£545.00
FRANCE PROVENCE JANSSONIUS Johannes 1630 Amsterdam ..m3095.£145.00
MOSCOW ANON 1787 m3097 £325.00
MALTA VALETTA ROUX Joseph 1760c ..m3099..£135.00
HOLLAND Sebastian Munster 1578 Basel ..m3109..£115.00
PHILIPPINES Jacques-Nicolas Bellin 1752 Paris ..m3116..£145.00
SOUTH POLE CAPT COOK’S VOYAGES Jacques-Nicolas Bellin 1780 Paris ..m3118… £275.00

For those following my travels with a 21st century map, this autumn I toured India & Nepal for a couple of months travel and antique map blog here.

There are thousands more on my website

If you cannot find what you want try my friend Simon Hunter here.

A Happy New Year to all my past customers

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