After our visit to the Shaolin Temple our little party stopped at a roadside Chinese only restuarant. Our party consisted of a Chinese one child family with the daughter about 18 and a single guy in his early fifties.

As we walked in the owner saw a bit of pay day and sort of hassled me into a chicken dish. The rest sat down and we joined them at the round table with the revolving glass centre. They ordered food and it was obviously a less expensive snack. The owners wife collected a large bowl from near the table with the chopper in it. The chicken was wasn’t going to be frozen. Squawk squawk and there was our lunch. Even though we picked something expensive the bill was shared. The woman as with others we had seen kept the family holiday money in a large brown envelope.

Early start next day for first internal flight. We walked into the China Post in Pingyao a week earlier and just bought the air tickets. Perhaps the Post Offices in Europe could do the same.. might help to keep more of them open.

Luoyang is a small and well organised airport with artwork on the walls. Our flight was delayed by an hour or so by what turned out to be some senior army officer, well the greeting party were army officers but the official was in the usual dark trousers and white shirt., which could mean senior army or party. I couldn’t see but there must have been the trademark pen in pocket to give an air of work.

Airbus plane, more legroom than Easyjet and fried rice as hot meal. Can’t complain.
Beijing airport this time round was not so bewildering and we were back in the Forest & Land hotel in no time.

The Summer Palace doesn’t quite connect with the metro system or the other way round and we had to run the gauntlet of hawkers and peddlers. But the rebuilt complex was worth it. The original Palace was burnt down by, wait a minute yes our great colonialist Lord Elgin with the help of the French, to teach the Chinese a lesson.
There are beautiful temples, statues, and after one climbs the hill a beautiful view over an enormous lake.

And as with all sites the Chinese are there dressing up and having fun. We even saw couples proposing!

As Laurence was returning to France the next day we thought we should see the Pandas at Beijing Zoo. It was as with all Zoos rather depressing.

Back to Restaurant 9. Very good

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