China Japan, A return of the Falklands

I spent a few hours last night watching television  with a Chinese friend, and anyone in the right wing media, conservative party or some offshore media mogul who mentions curbing power or license fee of the BBC should be tied to chair with bamboo toothpicks keeping their eyes open and forced to watch for 48 hours.

It just so happened it was the night when the Governing Party, as they are known, decided to ratchet up the propaganda regarding the disputed islands between China and Japan. Known as the Sekaku in Japan, Diaoyu in China the islands are closer to China but have recent Japanese ownership. And obviously they are regarded as resource rich.
The news started with President, and briefly numbers 3,5,and 8 in the hierarchy making appearances  at various universities and science conventions. The vice president Xi was as for the last two weeks nowhere to be seen. My friend said that to have four on one night was unusual.  The applause at each of these events for them was unbelieveable. 

Then it was the main show of the evening Chinese claims to the islands and the Japanese purchase of 3 of them from a Japanese citizen was tantamount to war.


There were old Chinese scrolls, some American and British telegrams from just after WW2 saying that Japan should have no possessions in the Pacific etc. All with learned analysis to prove the islands  were Chinese.

This was interspersed with the Chinese army in manouevres  and the navy heading for the islands. This was repeated throughout the 3 hour program.

It was no surprise that today there were demonstrations at the Japanese embassy in Beijing and Consulate in Shanghai with the mob calling for war.


And vice president Xi reappeared today to give a speech at an agricultural college in Beijing.



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